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Why Organic? Why isn't all Maple Syrup considered Organic? It all comes from trees doesn't it?

Aug - 2016

This is a question that is being asked with more frequency as American are becoming more health conscious about their foods. It is becoming more and more of a concern to know what we are consuming. While there are many technical answers to this question, I thought it would be helpful to try to answer this in layman's terms. 

Do we want to consume food that may have absorbed harmful chemicals? Organic certification requires that trees tapped for maple sap be at least 300 feet from fields sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. This also goes for roadside trees where weed killers, road salt and other treatments may enter the roots of the trees.
Production of maple syrup most times require a de-foamer be added during the boiling process. Not all de-foamers are alike. Some producers use butter to counteract foam but that is not good for those who have dairy allergies. Some use other chemicals that are man-made. Organic Certified producers are allowed to use organic safflower oil or organic sunflower oil which are both considered healthy in the food industry. 
What kind of cleaning chemicals and methods are used on equipment and tubing? Many chemicals are not allowed in the cleaning of food related equipment. Organic Certification helps to assure proper cleaning agents are used to protect the integrity of the maple syrup produced.

These are just a few answers that hopefully will help the consumer who is health conscious to determine the difference between Maple Syrup and Organic Certified Maple Syrup. 

The bottom line: If you know your producer and trust their process to assure quality in your families food, then the label “organic certified” does not carry much weight. If you don't know the source and want someone to inspect for you, then you will probably want the “organic certified” label on your syrup.

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